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H-Sen 11

Skinny and petite or tall and busty no matter which kind of anime sluts you prefer , they will be all in this comics! Since this comic is a hentai parody that is based on “Bleach” series, you can be sure – everyone who will be involved will be glad to dive into the most exciting kind of action at some point or another! Particularly, such chicks as Lisa Yadomaru, Mahiro Kina and Hiyori Sarugaki!

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Yukemuri NyanNyan Jiken

Sexually intense sex that eventually gets pretty rough and just a little bit later turns into a hard-to-find threesome? This isexactly the kind of thing Shihouin Yoruichi will definitely play the main part in! And thanks to the genre of hentai parody, this dark skinned hottie from the world-renowned anime show “Bleach” can finally do this while you get to enjoy her performance on the pages of this fantastic comic!

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The Syringe, The Specimen, And Mayuri-sama

Although this won’t be an extremely long comic, if you love animeseries “Bleach” and Nel Tu specifically, this comic is for you. This comic is easy to read that will leave you amazed!

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